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Gentoo is the best distribution and anyone who says different is a liar.

Discuss. Seriously, can we talk about our experiences with different distros? What we like, what we don’t like? I originally started way back with Red Hat 4.2, when fvwm2 was the reigning window manager, people still played Xevil, and things were as simple as they possibly could be. It was a ridiculous amount of work […]

A Worrysome Gaim.

Don’t worry. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

The Single Largest Obstacle Preventing Me From Using Emacs

I open XEmacs. It gives me a temporary buffer for random things. I want to create a new, empty file. There’s no command to create a new file in the menu. I quit. Now, I know, I know. There’s a paradigm shift involved here. I have to get used to the idea that Emacs uses […]

10 Things I Love About KDE

Oh, man, a top ten list. Am I already scraping the bottom of the barrel? Don’t worry, friends. I have several articles on the back burner, but various endeavors are preventing me from completing them. So let’s just run through my favorite desktop environment ever. In no particular order, here are ten things I love […]

Is XGL a step in the right direction?

I have XGL installed on both of my Linux systems – both Gentoo, my distribution par excellence. Since it is extremely beta and buggy software, take everything I’m saying here with a grain of salt. I’ve had the chance to try it out, see how it responds, reacts, and so on and so forth. I’ve […]

Linux Boot Time

This is one of the few things that worries me about acceptance of Linux. 30 seconds. That’s the average boot time of Linux on my fastest machine – an HP Pavilion zv6000. This, mind you, is with InitNG, a brand new concurrent-threading system that excels at what it does – run several things in tandem […]

KDE and the Ugliness Department

This is something that really deserves its own post. KDE, my favorite Desktop Environment in the world, is ugly. Clinically ugly. It suffers horribly because of it. When your screen isn’t filled with dull grey across the board, it’s filled with innumerable options packed in varyingly confusing configurations. It isn’t all bad, it’s said. People […]

KDE’s Flaws

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love KDE. I love how it’s integrated, clean when it needs to be, and affords me nearly limitless customization. I feel that’s the pinnacle of the freedom and choice that we all appreciate when it comes to open source. KDE and its related programs are joys to use, but […]

The GIMP’s alignment tools could not work any worse if they tried.

And that includes if they completely turned off the functionality and left the buttons in the interface. I tried three or four different methods of trying to align two icons to the center of my canvas. Those methods included linking them together and using the align tool, linking them to the background and using the […]

Subversion Sucks.

Seriously. At this point I’ve read the entire book ‘Version Control with Subversion’, read about nine separate tutorials on how to install it and configure authentication, and tried to install two separate web-based SVN managers. None of it works. It’s all horrendously broken. I can’t even comment on whether or not it’s a good technology […]