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Why I’m Constantly Dazzled By KDE: Klipper

I can’t believe this. Every time I think I know a lot about my favorite Desktop Environment it gets better. When you run Klipper, the KDE clipboard tool, you can specify an option – accessible from its system tray icon, called “Synchronize Clipboard Contents With Selection”, and what this wonderful option does it make it […]

Misconceptions about Kopete

Reader STEV left this comment on my GAIM post: I don’t think I belong to the dumb users out there. But I found Kopetes user interface is somehow in a mess. Some options aren’t there where I would expect them (Why aren’t sound options in the configuration dialog?). I get the feelin that Kopete devolopers […]

10 Things I Love About KDE

Oh, man, a top ten list. Am I already scraping the bottom of the barrel? Don’t worry, friends. I have several articles on the back burner, but various endeavors are preventing me from completing them. So let’s just run through my favorite desktop environment ever. In no particular order, here are ten things I love […]

KDE and the Ugliness Department

This is something that really deserves its own post. KDE, my favorite Desktop Environment in the world, is ugly. Clinically ugly. It suffers horribly because of it. When your screen isn’t filled with dull grey across the board, it’s filled with innumerable options packed in varyingly confusing configurations. It isn’t all bad, it’s said. People […]

KDE’s Flaws

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love KDE. I love how it’s integrated, clean when it needs to be, and affords me nearly limitless customization. I feel that’s the pinnacle of the freedom and choice that we all appreciate when it comes to open source. KDE and its related programs are joys to use, but […]