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Why I’m Constantly Dazzled By KDE: Klipper

I can’t believe this. Every time I think I know a lot about my favorite Desktop Environment it gets better. When you run Klipper, the KDE clipboard tool, you can specify an option – accessible from its system tray icon, called “Synchronize Clipboard Contents With Selection”, and what this wonderful option does it make it […]

Misconceptions about Kopete

Reader STEV left this comment on my GAIM post: I don’t think I belong to the dumb users out there. But I found Kopetes user interface is somehow in a mess. Some options aren’t there where I would expect them (Why aren’t sound options in the configuration dialog?). I get the feelin that Kopete devolopers […]

Talking To Naim’s Creator

I had a small talk with Dan Reed, the author of naim, and he explained away some of the issues I was having with it. Deleting single words: ^W does this. I’m really an idiot for not remembering that. Removing group names from the contact list: Use the command ‘/set autosort 1’. Removing non-aliases from […]

What I Would Do If I Worked On Naim

naim is a wonderful terminal-based AIM client written by Dan Reed. It sports a variety of features, is robust and stable, and fairly configurable. There are, however, things I dislike about it, and here is a rough list of those things. The bottom of the program only displays one line of the message you are […]

Dear Firefox developers –

Please make Firefox not slow down scrolling to a molasses-like speed when I try and navigate pages with PNGs, or alpha-PNGs, or whatever the issue is. There’s already bugs in the tracker for these issues, now all someone has to do is find those bugs, and fix them. Don’t set them as WONTFIX, or WORKSFORME, […]

One Task, Three Languages: Ruby vs Python vs Perl

Basic Description The object of this experiment is a fairly straightforward one. I have a single task that I’d like to accomplish, and I’m going to accomplish it in three languages that I only have cursory knowledge of. By the end of my experiment, I will compare the three languages in terms of relative size […]

Gentoo is the best distribution and anyone who says different is a liar.

Discuss. Seriously, can we talk about our experiences with different distros? What we like, what we don’t like? I originally started way back with Red Hat 4.2, when fvwm2 was the reigning window manager, people still played Xevil, and things were as simple as they possibly could be. It was a ridiculous amount of work […]

A Worrysome Gaim.

Don’t worry. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

Eclipse’s Project Obsession

I love Eclipse. I think it’s a gorgeous program, I think it’s well-written, and I think that the fact it’s written in Java isn’t a hindrance anymore because it’s just about as fast as any other IDE out there. Here is my problem with it. Create New File. Create New Java Class. What project do […]

The Single Largest Obstacle Preventing Me From Using Emacs

I open XEmacs. It gives me a temporary buffer for random things. I want to create a new, empty file. There’s no command to create a new file in the menu. I quit. Now, I know, I know. There’s a paradigm shift involved here. I have to get used to the idea that Emacs uses […]