Monthly Archives: August 2006

Why I’m Constantly Dazzled By KDE: Klipper

I can’t believe this. Every time I think I know a lot about my favorite Desktop Environment it gets better. When you run Klipper, the KDE clipboard tool, you can specify an option – accessible from its system tray icon, called “Synchronize Clipboard Contents With Selection”, and what this wonderful option does it make it […]

Misconceptions about Kopete

Reader STEV left this comment on my GAIM post: I don’t think I belong to the dumb users out there. But I found Kopetes user interface is somehow in a mess. Some options aren’t there where I would expect them (Why aren’t sound options in the configuration dialog?). I get the feelin that Kopete devolopers […]

Talking To Naim’s Creator

I had a small talk with Dan Reed, the author of naim, and he explained away some of the issues I was having with it. Deleting single words: ^W does this. I’m really an idiot for not remembering that. Removing group names from the contact list: Use the command ‘/set autosort 1’. Removing non-aliases from […]