Dear Firefox developers –

Please make Firefox not slow down scrolling to a molasses-like speed when I try and navigate pages with PNGs, or alpha-PNGs, or whatever the issue is. There’s already bugs in the tracker for these issues, now all someone has to do is find those bugs, and fix them. Don’t set them as WONTFIX, or WORKSFORME, just try and fix them. Even an attempt would be an awfully nice gesture. I know you’re not developing Firefox for your health, and all the work you’ve done is sincerely appreciated. I wish I could help by actually writing code, but I don’t even feel worthy making the attempt at helping you. I know nothing about the level of development you guys are doing. I’d screw it all up.

So just consider this a polite request. I have to use the Web Developer’s extension to disable stylesheets on those pages, and it’s disappointing.

Hugs and Kisses,

– SR


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