Eclipse’s Project Obsession

I love Eclipse. I think it’s a gorgeous program, I think it’s well-written, and I think that the fact it’s written in Java isn’t a hindrance anymore because it’s just about as fast as any other IDE out there. Here is my problem with it.

Create New File. Create New Java Class. What project do you want it in?

Well, I don’t really want it in a project, can’t I just —

Aww, too bad. You don’t get to create this file. It’s not in a project!


Why is this even a restriction? I understand that Java projects are usually large, complicated, convoluted things. But I just want to learn Java with this wonderfuz Dietel book I just bought, and this example program doesn’t need a set of subfolders, mission directives, and dependencies. It’s just one file.

And you’ll all stare at me incredulously and ask: But why don’t you write it in VIM, or Kate, or any other text/programming editor?

And I’ll stare back and say: That’s not the point. Why won’t Eclipse let me use their editing capabilities? It’s sorely disappointing and a little discouraging. If I want to learn Java with Eclipse, why would you prohibit me from doing that?



  1. Posted July 7, 2006 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    I’m a total Netbeans user when it comes to Java, although it seems Netbeans also wants everything to be in a project. Oh for the days I used to run “javac *.java” to compile, and thought syntax highlighting was a gimik I would never want anywhere near my code 😉 😛

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