The GIMP’s alignment tools could not work any worse if they tried.

And that includes if they completely turned off the functionality and left the buttons in the interface.

I tried three or four different methods of trying to align two icons to the center of my canvas. Those methods included linking them together and using the align tool, linking them to the background and using the align tool, making all other layers invisible and using the align tool, and so on and so forth. By the end I was rewarded – with one of the icons in the center, not the other. How is it even possible to have an algorithm that works so – selectively?

I’m going to look around and read up on it, although searching for ‘Gimp align layers’ with Google produces no useful results. Of course, the name of the book that can help, “Grokking the Gimp”, just occurred to me, so this post may be null and void. It’s still horrendously unintuitive, even if it does work the way it’s supposed to.

Update: Grokking the Gimp – which is provided online, for free, only mentions aligning layers with guides. Guides, which, as far as I can tell, can only be placed arbitrarily, and not exactly in the center of the image in any way. So I’m back to square one. I’m actually using an alpha of the Gimp which has another align tool function, but it does not work yet either. The Gimp is a great program and I used to love using it. I’ll follow the mailing lists a while, and see what the developers are doing in this area.

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