KDE’s Flaws

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love KDE. I love how it’s integrated, clean when it needs to be, and affords me nearly limitless customization. I feel that’s the pinnacle of the freedom and choice that we all appreciate when it comes to open source. KDE and its related programs are joys to use, but they’re not perfect.

Also, a warning. As far as I know bug reports/wishlists already exist for most of the things I care about, which is why I’m just talking about it here. I have a feeling KDE4 is going to blow us all away, so these aren’t huge concerns. That being said, my issues with KDE include:

  • The taskbar must always show the title of the applications on it. Both KDE and Gnome have this issue, but I’m categorizing it as a KDE flaw since this is supposed to be the wonderfully versatile desktop environment. I just want icons on my taskbar. It’s bloated enough as it is, let me just see the icons. Xfce does this, blackbox does this, why can’t KDE? It’s a simple thing and would allow KDE to keep the title for ‘Most Options in a Desktop Environment’.
  • Spacing in list widgets cannot be altered. This bugs me. I love KMail, but it always seemed a little — compressed — to me. Then I realized, there were almost no pixels of space between items in my inbox. This has more to do with QT and its widgetset, but if the widget has the ability to alter its height (which it does), then KDE should offer some setting in the control panel for its apps to follow.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I consider them fairly legitimate concerns. If I have any more I’ll write about them.

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