KDE and the Ugliness Department

This is something that really deserves its own post. KDE, my favorite Desktop Environment in the world, is ugly. Clinically ugly. It suffers horribly because of it. When your screen isn’t filled with dull grey across the board, it’s filled with innumerable options packed in varyingly confusing configurations.

It isn’t all bad, it’s said. People can contribute – themes, wallpapers, icons, anything to make KDE look as good as it performs (although some would say that’s already the case, compliment or insult). One doesn’t have to be a computer-savvy programmer to help improve the aesthetics, just download a free copy of the Gimp and get cracking on the war for visual contentment! That’s what we can do about it!

But, really, what can we do about it? Suprisingly little, it seems. Visits to the resident spruce-up authority, KDE-Look, are always awkward and short. Gnome-Look almost inevitably sports bigger, better, brighter, cleaner, and all around better-looking themes, fonts, widgets, and login-manager screens. It is almost as if all the Mac users in the world released the pent-up energy from not being able to customize their OS and it all fell on the next-closest GUI. KDE-Look more often is filled with brilliant ideas and brainstorms for KDE4 than muted color schemes and pleasant details.

It seems that KDE is stuck being the workhorse DE, and Gnome is stuck being the showhorse DE. Is there any reconciling them?


  1. Posted July 5, 2006 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

    I don’t like ugly. Pretty is better, especially if coupled with smart.


    Shirley Buxton

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    ford hartford

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